Our Services

Core Business

Business Affiliates

Across the globe, we collaborate with business partners who believe that by working together, we discover, develop, and deliver better end products. We Joint Ventured with various SMEs within High Growth Industries namely Healthcare, Technology, Sports Facilities, Oil & Gas, F&B, etc. Our team is open to global investor based collaboration, G2G initiatives and institutional investment partners.

Financial Instruments

Over the years our traders have diversified into various instruments but lately we have streamlined to mainly commodities and halal indices. Commodities include metal i.e gold, silver and WTI crude oil. As for indices, we access the major global ones including NASDAQ, S&P Dow Jones Islamic and US Tech 100.


KR Group offers shariah-compliant investments that follow the principles of Islamic finance, including the prohibition of interest (riba) and the sharing of risk and reward. The client and the trading company share the risk on agreed terms and divide any profits between them. In addition to this, our investments are free from haram activities, such as dealing with alcohol, pork, gambling, weapons, tobacco, media, and ‘conventional’ financial institutions. Our appointed shariah panel not only provide approval on individual investments on a regular basis but also conduct annual audits to ensure all activities of invested funds are fully shariah-compliant.